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AI Based Cyto-Diagnostics Technology

Our Technology

Medical Cytometrix is poised to revolutionize the global blood disease diagnostics industry by bringing to market a comprehensive cloud-based software solution, that leverages recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), and Image Processing. The comprehensive solution provides automatic detection, identification and classification of normal and abnormal blood cells (White Blood Cells (WBC), Red Blood Cells (RBC), and Platelets) by analyzing digitally scanned images of blood smears. Medical Cytometrix’s patent-pending technology renders results faster and cheaper than any other technology in the market today and is more consistent, accurate and efficient than medical professionals working in the field of blood disease diagnostics.

The Problem

Manual review of a peripheral blood smear is one of the traditional methods used to diagnose benign or malignant hematologic disease. Today, this review is initially performed by a trained medical technologist who analyzes stained glass slides of peripheral blood in real time with a traditional microscope (referred to as “Slides”), or reviews digitized images of blood cells on a computer screen that have been digitized through an automated process. Cells that are suspect or cannot be interpreted with confidence by the medical technologist are typically forwarded to a pathologist, hematologist, or other highly trained specialist for a more definitive interpretation. The entire process is time consuming, labor intensive and often results in inconsistent interpretation of the Slide by a medical technologist and/or a pathologist. According to a 2014 study, lab tests diagnostics errors occur nearly 12 million times each year in the United States. That means 1 in 20 lab test results are misinterpreted or incorrect.

Our Solution

Medical Cytometrix Inc. (MCI) is finalizing Phase 1 development of a cloud-based AI system that will allow anyone, anywhere in the world, who can obtain or has access to a digital images of a blood smear, to upload those images into MCI’s web application, have MCI’s AI automatically analyze those images using MCI’s proprietary DL algorithms, and render a comprehensive report on the characteristics and classification of the analyzed blood cells. A physician will be able to trust and use the generated report/analysis to provide a suitable treatment to the patient from whom the blood was taken. Ultimately, MCI’s Technology will be able to automatically detect troublesome trends in malignant and atypical cell counts, giving the physician an added tool to personalize patient treatments before negative trends manifest into clinical disease states in patients. A physician can also use the near real-time technology to confirm that a specific medical treatment is having a positive effect on a specific patient. Access to MCI’s service will be available to anyone, anytime, anywhere and on any device (including mobile and pad devices). All that is required is for the user to be registered on MCI’s system, a digitized image of a blood smear, a commonly available internet connection, and a web browser.

MCI’s AI algorithms can analyze a blood smear in a manner of minutes not days. As an example, a physician could upload a blood smear image to MCI’s web application and have analyzed results, in the form of a report, emailed back to him/her within 5 minutes; irrespective of where the physician is located.