Welcome to Myriad, we have over 12 years of expertise.

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We offer
Different Services

We are a Myriad company that provides innovative technological solutions in different sectors, including health, education and sports.

Health Sector

Health Sector

Our helth sector contains many projects, including:Cytometrix , Early Detection Kindy Disease

Education Sector

Education Sector

Our educational sector contains many projects, including: Inventionsland Education System, EDUKIDs

Sport Sector

Sport Sector

Our Sport  sector contains many projects, including: TeamUp ,TeamUp Scouting-Thakaa Ai

Who We Are

Myriad company, is a group of companies, having more than 12 years of experience.

Our services and sectors diversified, including:

1) Education: It includes huge education systems

2) Health: It includes the largest systems for managing this field

3) Sports: It includes the largest application for sports in Saudi Arabia

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Our Partners

To ensure you get the most out of leading technologies, we've established strategic partnerships with international companies that can address your key issues and provide best services for clients, to create value for each company. These partnerships can expand your customer base, brand awareness, overall reach and service functionality

  • Basiqat
  • Inventionland
  • Elm
  • New solutions
  • Aura
  • Davison

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