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Inventionland Education System

A strong community needs a local workforce with the technical skills to succeed. By enlightening individual learning minds, you serve to strengthen the community as a whole. With students who can problem-solve, innovate, and build, communities become stronger as a whole.
InventionLAND MENA Education is the first program of its kind to bring its hands-on approach to learning directly into Middle Eastern classrooms. We are working to bridge gap between United States and Middle Eastern classrooms. Along with our partners, we have developed a series of non-traditional learning tools and coursework following the 9-step methodology for invention aimed at leaving students more engaged in the educational process.
This time, the education comes to you. Rather than forcing students to decide between pursuing a higher, more specialized education abroad, InventionLAND MENA Education is offering schools and corporations the opportunity to bring specialized learning into communities across the Middle East. 
Our unique, hands-on approach to education reinvigorates the classroom and inspires creative thinking and problem solving skills that are highly sought and needed into today’s world—both in the boardroom and in the classroom. 
Instead of using the typical approach of taking the academic and applying it to business, InventionLAND MENA has done the opposite. Along with our partners, we have reverse engineered successful business models and turned them into coursework.
By taking proven methods (9-step methodology) from the product development world and breaking them down into teachable courses and projects, we are able to provide our students with skills applicable in the real-world. 
The programs and teachers provided by InventionLAND MENA foster collaborative environments, allowing our students to develop their own communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment—valued traits, transferable to real-world workplaces.
At the same time, our personalized, project-based learning packages individual tasks empower students and inspire the confidence, knowledge, and drive to succeed in their chosen path—be it personal, professional, or educational. 
Classes offer your students the ability to connect with experts and technical professionals across the globe. For the convenience of your staff and students, our courseware and consultants are available to you in both Arabic and English.