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TeamUp Scouting-Thakaa Ai

Our mission is to explore the talented players and to improve their performance. Using AI sports performance mobile application that allows coaches and players to use pose estimation models powered by TensorFlow.js. the MoveNet model is used to monitor and optimize exercise routines with a simple user interface. It can really help to perform physical exercises properly in the field.


Using this application:

·        You can make performance tests through recording short video of your play.

·        The application can analyze the recorded video using computer vision and machine learning

·        The results of the analysis appears after few seconds with three scores, the performance , the speed, the use of both feet.


The results can be used to improve the players performance based on individual needs.


The App collects performance data from youth players like never before. With 30 data points collected during each moment of a player's performance we create 2D signals for each point. We provide players and their coaches with improvement suggestions. These are based on individual needs, making it an easy goal to develop players better.



·        Giving youth players the opportunity to develop their skills no matter their circumstances is.


·        Using the most advanced technology and algorithms to create benchmarks. And to recognize talent patterns from objective data.