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Team up

TeamUp is redefining the world of sports TeamUp is a social networking platform for organizing and sharing tournaments and managing teams professionally and easily.

TeamUp is the ultimate app for sports engagement. Unleash your passion and start practicing all sports you like.

TeamUp supports a wide range of sports with customized features to enrich your experience. Soccer, Volleyball, E-games, Basketball, Swimming, Weightlifting, Baloot, Card games, Motorcycles, Biking and Walking. Feeling lonely? Not anymore. Build your own team or join the team you like.

TeamUp offers teams the following features: Players invitations, assigning players to positions, stats, lineup, list of injured players, matches record, sharing team’s videos & phots and tracking players ratings. Feeling like having your own league? TeamUp provides you with a 360° solution to organize & share your league.

Throughout the whole journey of organizing a league, TeamUp services cover teams’ registration, groups creation, games updates up until determining the league winners.

Discover nearby leagues and join them. TeamUp Leagues features: Teams’ bookings management, live match updates, dashboard for group & knockout stages, prizes management system, news feed, fan involvement and players ratings.

Application Steps:

  1. Develop your profile and share it:
    TeamUp gives you your own space to share your sports activities and connect with your followers. Share your statistics and special moments and let everyone know your achievements and history

  2. Join a tournament and compete:
    TeamUp provides you with integrated solutions to manage your tournament professionally. TeamUp will be with you on a journey that begins with the registration of participants in the tournament, the distribution of teams, and follow-up. Matches to crown the prize winners.

  3. Create or join a team:
    Tired of playing sports on your own?.
    With TeamUp, you can easily be your own team or join the team you love with the sport you love.

  4.  Choose your favorite sport
    Football, volleyball, electronic games, cycling, swimming, weightlifting, plot, etc. Lots TeamUp supports a variety of sports with customized features for each sport to make your experience more fun and professional.

Application Sections:

  1. Reservations:
    A tool to manage the participation of teams in the tournament and monitor the cash flows related to it. Through it, you can specify the subscription amounts and the dates for withdrawing from the tournament, while specifying the refundable amounts according to the tournament regulations.

  2. Playoffs:
    A dedicated tool for managing the tournament in the knockout stage by identifying the qualified teams from the group stage and then managing the teams during the advanced stages of the tournament.

  3. Match recording screen:
    Let the fans live every moment of the tournament with excitement through an interactive tool to record all the action of the match from the start whistle to the end of the match such as: goals, cards, etc.

Football Championships:

  1.   Championships around you:
    Discover and participate in the tournaments around you, and win many prizes.

  2.   Tables and matches:
    Full features of the tournament, such as group tables, knockout rounds, matches list and results.

  3.   Lineup:
    Prepare your team plan and lineup, choose the starting and reserve players and their positions.

  4. Player and Team Profile:
    Build your rating, player profile, trophies and achievements list and help build your team's rating and page.

  5. Crowd reaction:
    With TeamUp, the audience is heard as a fan who contributed to making the event by evaluating the players.

  6. Match progress:
    Do not miss anything from the events of the matches Follow the matches in the most accurate moment by moment.

  7. Tournament news:
    Follow the tournament page for the latest events, media coverage, videos and match summaries.

    Share your comments and photos on the league or match page and interact with fans and players.

Application Features

  1.  friends list.

  2.  Share outside the app.

  3.  live support.

  4. Electronic payment and wallet.

  5. private messages.

  6. social media.

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